Top 7 Best Electric Concrete Saw – Expert’s Pick and Reviews in 2022

It’s quite simple yet orthodox to use a heavy-duty hammer to break down the blocks and bricks on your front yard for renovation purposes. But this will definitely take ages to get it done, won’t it? Bagging your arsenal with the best electric concrete saw can make a difference of day and night in this case, especially if you are cutting concrete!

Using an electric concrete saw can reduce the work-time to more than half, and it also allows you to have smooth cuts around the blocks that you can use later on.

That’s why professional users and DIY enthusiasts are more and more switching to electric concrete saws for better and more effective results in cutting solid materials.

Today, we are going to look at the 7 most powerful electric cut-off saws that you can pick right now and get started with your project with no questions asked. Excited? Let’s jump right in!

Understanding Concrete or Demolition Saws – What are They?

A concrete saw is what its name gives away. It’s a saw that is used to cut concrete, stone, brick, masonry, tile, asphalt, and other solid materials. It’s a concrete-cutting counterpart of regular wood-cutting, and metal-cutting saw. Also known as demolition saw, cut-off saw, slab saw, or road saw, the concrete saw is quite useful in breaking down hard and solid materials.

If you need to cut a part of solid rocks or concrete or want to demolish it completely, a concrete saw should be a wiser option. That’s why it’s named concrete saw – a saw that cuts through concrete.

Types of Concrete Saw

There are different types of concrete or cut-off saws. Depending on the type of device and how it is used, there are basically four types of saws that you can use.

Handheld Concrete Saws: Handheld concrete saws are pretty much what it gives away – it’s handheld. These cut-off saws are usually compact and lightweight. You can hold the saws in your hand pretty easily, and operating them is a simple task, as well.

Walk-behind concrete saws: Walk-behind concrete saws pretty much resemble walk-behind lawnmowers. It works pretty much the same way. You need to stay behind the device to work with it.

Worm drive concrete saws: Worm drive concrete saws have the motor placed at the rear end of the device. The distance between the blade and the handle is a bit larger than usual here.

Wet-cutting concrete saws: Wet-cutting concrete saws use water to keep the blade wet. This is done to reduce dust in the working area. There’s a water pipe attached to the device to supply water constantly.

Now, depending on how the device is powered, there are three different types of concrete saws.

  • Gas-powered concrete saws
  • Electric concrete saws
  • Battery-powered concrete saws

Gas-powered concrete saws: Yes, these devices are powered and run by gas. There’s a compressor attached to the machine to supply gas to operate the device.

Electric concrete saws: These concrete saws are AC-powered. You need to plug the device into a power output to operate the device.

Battery-powered concrete saws: These concrete saws are DC-powered. There are solid and powerful batteries inside to keep the devices running. You need to either recharge the batteries or replace them once they are out of charge.

Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Evolution DISCCUT1 12" Disc Cutter, Orange

“The Evolution Disccut1 offers the fastest kick-off that saves tons of your time.”

Industrial grade Blade: Stark 3200W Electric 16" Cutter Circular Saw

“Its 16-inch diameter blade can easily penetrate through some of the toughest materials.”

Best For Rotation: Evolution 9 Inch Diamond Blade with Segmented Edge

“With a potential RPM rate of over 6600, the device is definitely one of the most powerful ones out there.”

Most advance for Wet Cut: XtremepowerUS Electric 14" Cut Off Saw

“Its proper water-pipe connection lets it achieve a smooth wet-cutting result.”

Best Versatile: Steel Force KPC 3551 Portable 14" Concrete Saw

“From granite to porcelain, the machine can slice through tough materials like a hot knife through butter.”

Top 7 Best Electronic Concrete Saws Review

We took more than 24 hours to go through 30+ models in the market that should draw your attention. However, judging by the power, strength, performance, and durability, we narrowed down the choices to only 7.

The following are the detailed reviews we’ve crafted for these 7 concrete saws. Read till the end to find the one you need!

#1 Editor’s Choice: Evolution DISCCUT1 12" Disc Cutter, Orange

The topper on our list is the Evolution Disccut1 12-inch disc cutter, which is one of the most powerful demolishing cutters on the market. It is powered by a 15Amp hi-torque powerful electric motor for fume-free operation.

The sharp and rugged 12-inch diamond blade is there to slice through stone, concrete, brick, and even paving materials.

What Do We Like?

(+) Flume-Free Motor
The 1800W powerful motor is a brilliant addition to the device that powers it up to carry on some of the toughest cutting jobs. However, it doesn’t produce any harmful fumes while running at its fullest potential. This makes it a safe electric motor, as well.

(+) Ergonomic Holding

It’s no wonder that you have to have the necessary control over the machine while cutting through strong materials like concrete. Having handles in mid, front, and rear positions makes it really easy for you to take control of the device pretty easily.

(+) Deep Cutting

The 12-inch robust diamond blade is pretty aggressive when it comes to slicing through hard rock! That’s why you can go up to 4-inch deep when you are cutting any hard material with this blade.

(+) Quick Start

There’s a quick start button that comes with zero lag when pressed. Clicking it will instantly start the machine, which saves a lot of your time, contrary to most devices in the market.

Keep In Mind

(-) Blade Tends to Drift Away

If you don’t hold on to the parts of the machine, the blade tends to drift away from your target zone.

#2 Industrial grade Blade: Stark 3200W Electric 16" Cutter Circular Saw

No matter what type of cutting is your kind of job – the wet or dry, Stark 3200W electric circular saw is going to be on your side, for sure. This heavy-duty device is one of the most powerful wet and dry cut-off saws that we have reviewed, and it’s definitely worth every penny.

Its 15-amp 3200W powerful motor can produce up to 4700 RPM movement that definitely can cut through the hardest of rocks.

What Do We Like

(+) Powerful Motor

The machine is obviously a powerful one as it comes with a superior motor inside. This 15-amp 3200 W motor is quite a performer when it comes to chopping hard rock and concrete out there. The impressive 4700 RPM gives you the advantage in achieving the best cutting result possible.

(+) Low Vibration

The power-to-weight ratio of the device is pretty accurate and well-managed. That’s why it puts less strain on your hands and causes less vibration than most other machines in the market.

(+) 16-inch Blade

As for the blade, it’s a huge one. You can only imagine what you can achieve with a rugged and robust 16-inch powerful blade inside. This makes it just the perfect device you are looking for.

(+) Protection System

A double protection switch on the device keeps the machine from getting started without your consent. This makes it pretty safe and secure. It also features a useful dust management system to constantly clear off your way.

Keep In Mind

(-) Heavy Device

Although it’s easy to handle, it is a bit on the heavier side. You need a bit of effort to handle it.

#3 XtremepowerUS 2600W Electric 14" Disc Cutter Circular Saw Concrete Saw

#4 Most advance for Wet Cut: XtremepowerUS Electric 14" Cut Off Saw

XtremepowerUS is, hands down, one of the most noteworthy brands in the power saw industry. Its 14-inch aggressive blade comes with a great potential for cutting through some of the toughest materials like stone, brick, blocks, etc.

The 2800W superior motor can rotate the blade at a maximum of 4300 RPM, which gives you the upper hand in chopping through anything that comes your way!

What Do We Like

(+) Excellent Wet Cut

Obviously, the machine comes with a superior capacity for carrying on both dry and wet cuts. However, the wet cutting on this device is smoother than what we typically see on most common devices. The built-in water feed attachment is the secret that allows you to control the water flow as per your need!

(+) Double Protection

There’s a double protection switch on the front that keeps the machine from accidental starting. This makes it one of the safest devices to work with. If you have kids roaming around, this can keep them safe.

(+) Dust Management System

Another excellent feature of the machine is its dual-integrated dust management system that helps keep the work area clean like new. It works immediately after dust overtakes the work zone and lets you have a better look at what you are doing.

(+) Higher Speed

The 14-inch powerful blade can easily rotate up to 4300 times in a minute. This allows it to overcome challenging slicing tasks like a hot knife through butter!

Keep In Mind

(-) Not Deep Enough

Even if the blade is 14-inch in diameter, the cutting depth of this device is 3 inches. Many users may not appreciate this.

#5 Best Versatile: Steel Force KPC 3551 Portable 14" Concrete Saw

While most brands focus hardly on the portability of the concrete saw, Steel Force has chosen a different route. The KPC 3551 portable concrete saw weighs around 34 pounds that make it an excellent device for mobility.

There are wheels attached underneath the device that allows it to move around, as well. If you don’t want to lift it up while shifting the device, the wheels will come in handy

What Do We Like

(+) Excellent Rotation

The powerful motor inside plays a crucial role in bringing out the best performance of the device. That’s why you can expect up to 5500 rotations per minute for the smoothest cutting experience!

(+) Versatile Yet Powerful

The KPC 3551 comes with the promise to cut through some of the toughest materials around. You can easily chop from concrete to granite and porcelain with equal precision. No matter what project you are taking, it’s going to be the helping hand you need.

(+) Segmented Diamond Blade

Its segmented blade design makes complete sense why it offers such powerful RPM. That’s because the segmented edges allow proper air to flow and also help heat release to ensure effortless movement.

(+) Water Line and Dust Extraction

Having a proper water line and dust extraction system allows you to have a clean working area throughout your project. The dust and debris are taken proper care of. This leaves very low dust residue even if you are working for hours.

Keep In Mind

(-) Plastic Housing Is Fragile

The overall plastic housing of the device is kind of a turn-off for many users. It’s a bit fragile to use.

TUOKE Portable 14" Cutter Circular Saw Concrete Saw

Tuoke Portable Concrete Saw is the most versatile package you can own right now. First of all, the device is a household-friendly device that can be easily connected to a regular 110V power output.

So, if you are looking for something that you can work with at your home, this one’s it. Plus, the 3200W powerful motor comes with a fumeless operation to make it an ideal device to work in a confined area.

What Do We Like

(+) Versatile Cutter

The machine comes with a huge potential to cut through a number of different materials, from stone to granite. That gives you a hint of how it can come in handy when it comes to working on different projects.

(+) Powerful Motor

It goes without saying that the 3200W motor makes your job really easy. The motor allows the 14-inch blade to rotate quite fast and make cutting the toughest concrete just a piece of cake.

(+) Low Vibration

What happens when the concrete cutting is running with its full power, it vibrates like crazy. Luckily, that’s not the case here with the Tuoke Portable concrete saw. The power-to-weight ratio on this device is quite well-synced that prevents it from vibrating much.

(+) Ergonomic Grip

Holding the device tight makes it really easy to control it. That’s why you have three different handles on the machine to hold on to. The front, rear, and middle handles come with a soft and ergonomic grip that allows a comfortable feeling while you hold the saw.

Keep In Mind

(-) A Bit Expensive

The device is kind of more expensive than most similar devices in the market. If you are running low on budget, you better look for a less expensive one.

VEVOR Electric Concrete Saw

We wrap up our quest for the best electric concrete saw with the VEVOR Electric Concrete saw. It’s a proper versatile electric cut-off saw that you can ask for as a household user. From wood to metal and heavy-duty concrete – the device can cut through most of the materials around.

It has a built-in water pipe that can keep the blade wet and lets you reduce the dust and debris around.

What Do We Like

(+) Excellent Handle

Apart from the fact that the handle is easy and ergonomic to hold, it has a couple of exceptional benefits. The handle can rotate up to 90-degrees to let you fine-tune your handle position. With a click of a button, you can easily start rotating the handle. Plus, it has two supporting handles on the front and rear for total control.

(+) Water Pipe and Dust Control

To control the dust formation around the blade, the device comes with an aquatic solution. A water pipe is attached to the machine that constantly keeps the blade wet and makes it easy for the machine to reduce dust and debris.

(+) Adjustable Depth

The 12-inch diamond blade can penetrate up to 4-inch deep if necessary. However, with a simple controller, you can adjust the depth as per your need. It can be pulled inside to reduce the depth and pushed outside to increase it.

(+) High-Temperature Resistance

The 1800W pure copper wire motor plays a vital role in offering fume-free operation. On top of that, it allows the machine to work under high temperatures around. This high-temperature resistance makes it an ideal choice for challenging projects that require huge pressure.

Keep In Mind

(-) Slows Down a Bit 

When you start cutting, the machine slows down a bit which shouldn’t be a huge problem but may hamper your anticipation.

What To Consider Before Buying the Best Electric Concrete Saw  

So, you are up for buying the best electric concrete saw, right? If that’s the case, you need to make sure you are keeping certain things in mind.

Let’s find out what you can’t miss if you are to get the best device from the pool of choices!

Wet or Dry?

First thing’s first, you need to make sure if you are looking for a wet or dry concrete saw. A dry concrete saw will probably put less pressure on your pocket, but it will certainly offer a bit of complexity when it comes to maintaining dust.

On the other hand, using a wet concrete saw will keep the working zone clean as it will wipe away all debris and dust underneath the blade.

Chain Saws or Disc Cutters

It’s possible that you will feel much more comfortable using a chainsaw for cutting solid materials. If that’s the case, you should definitely go for chainsaws instead of disc cutters. However, disc cutters offer more security and better operating power.

Disc cutter saws will allow you to make the most out of the potential of the device.

Gas or Electric

Gas-powered concrete saws will come with a baggage of compressor. Is it something you feel comfortable with? Certainly, some users don’t find it quite soothing to work with, but it will definitely be gentle with your wallet.

The gas-powered device comes with a bit cheaper price, and the operating cost is also quite lower than the electric one.

On the other hand, electric concrete saws can be the reason for your high electricity bills, but will surely allow you convenience in operation.

Handheld or Walk-Behind

Depending on the intensity of your project, you can pick any of the two types – handheld or walk behind. If you need a cut-off saw to cut through small and medium materials, a handheld saw should work just fine for you.

On the other hand, if you are undertaking larger projects like paving or brick demolishing, you should always go for a walk-behind concrete saw for better control and more productive result.

Apart from these, make sure you are keeping the following things in mind.

Arbor Sizes

The arbor size refers to the hole in the machine that accepts the blade on it. The larger arbor size can house smaller blades with diversity. On the other hand, a smaller arbor can only hold larger blades that can limit your potential. So, determine the arbor size depending on your needs.

Disc Blades

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the blade to a concrete saw is like the heart of a living being. It’s like the bullet of a gun, without which the gun is useless. So try to get the best blade possible for the best result.

You can choose from different types of blades, from carabid-made to diamond-tipped ones. The blade's strength is vital in a demolishing saw as it’s the only thing that’s used directly to demolish things.

Segmented blades offer better resistance to heat and allow higher RPM. So, it’s best to go for segmented ones if you have a decent budget.

Depth of Cut

This is something you need to make sure of while choosing the blades. How deep can the blade go? An ideal blade should be able to penetrate through hard and solid materials up to 4 inches. However, if it offers over 3.5 inches, it should be enough to bet for.

Again, consider the adjustment option, too. It will allow you to set the depth as much as you need.


Another crucial feature of a concrete saw is the safety measures. This is a dangerous device that can demolish solid concrete within seconds. Obviously, this is not quite safe for everybody to have their hands on it.

So, it should come with several safety measures to keep it safe for users. The first thing you need to ensure is if it has a lock switch. This lock switch will keep the machine from starting automatically. So, even if your kids are trying to play with it, they won’t get it started.


There’s no certain way to measure the efficiency of a concrete saw. However, you can always get a brief idea about how powerful the machine is by knowing about the motor it comes with.

Any motor over 15-Amp power should produce the ideal result you need. So, try to go for a saw that houses a powerful motor. It will definitely offer better efficiency than most other machines out there.


Another point to be noted is the convenience of using the saw. Can you easily handle the device? Is it too heavy? How mobile is the machine? These are some of the crucial questions you must ask yourself before settling down for a concrete saw.

On top of that, consider the design of the machine. Make sure that the handle is soft and ergonomic to hold, allowing you the convenience you need to get the best result from using it.


Finally, what you need to consider is the budget. It gets way easier to choose a concrete saw if you can sort it out according to your budget. This will narrow down the choices you have around and will make it a lot easier to decide.

If you are not willing to pay higher prices, there’s no point in looking for high-end devices. It will then get easier for you to shrink the list to almost half of what you have devised earlier.

Final Words

Unless you have the best electric concrete saw, it’s going to be tons of physical effort that you need to employ. Yes, the top-class result doesn’t pop up without solid effort – either it should be physical or mechanical.

That’s why we have listed down 7 such powerful concrete saws that can drastically reduce your physical effort and pave your way towards smoother results than ever.

If you are not quite sure which one to bet your bucks on, we would suggest you pick up the Evolution DISCCUT1 12" Disc Cutter, Orange, for its deep cutting techniques and powerful diamond blade.

It’s our editor’s choice, and we believe this will serve your purpose quite conveniently.

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