Best Track Saw To Get Unique Cuts Every Time

Woodworkers require power instruments to cut through diverse materials, and saws are the most important of them. Saws include a variety of blades or chains that are sharp enough to cut through various materials. The motor within them allows for a lot quicker operation, accuracy, and less room for mistakes.

So many saws are available, such as miter saws, rip saws, chainsaws, and many more sorts of saws to pick from. A track saw is the best option if you’re searching for a saw that can cut through large sheets of wood or timber.

That’s why here we present you the Best Track Saw reviews to give you a brief idea about track saws. But which is the best and why should you buy a track saw? To know, let’s scroll down through the article.

What Is a Track Saw?

Track saws, also known as plunge saws, are handheld saws that slide down a rectangular track to generate lengthy cuts.

In order to cut a straight line, track saws are attached to lengthy guiding rails, or “tracks,” and directed by the user.

Cuts of any length may be made since they’re able to cut the length of the track. The rail can be placed anywhere on a hardwood surface, and since it is adhesive, it’ll remain in place and cut a straight line with no slop.

Rubber strips at the bottom of the rail keep the track in place, allowing you to keep your line.

Because the sliding track keeps them in position and assures that they will not slide or generate jagged cuts, track saws have a lower margin of error than other types of saws.

Since improperly angled cuts from a track saw may result in wood chips, they’re clearly superior in terms of neatness over untracked cuts.

Angled cuts are easy to make since the saw’s track position can be modified to any angle, making the process straightforward.

Miter gauges may help speed up the process of making these cuts. On the other hand, track saws can be taken to the wood rather than bringing the wood to the saw, making them more convenient.

As soon as you get started cutting with a track saw, you’ll need to make sure you’ve set it up correctly. Your overall project progress should not be affected by the setup process.

Are There Drawbacks to Track Saw Design?

Due to their capability to make different cuts, track saws have a few drawbacks. Although the track provides a smoother cut, you must precisely measure the angle before fastening the board or panel to the cutting surface to get the best results.

To produce a lengthy rip, you’ll need foam boards or sawhorses, eliminating many of the benefits of using a saw.

7 Best Track Saw Reviews

The saw industry is packed with numerous amount of saws, and that goes for the track saw as well. In order to pick the top pieces, we ranked the products based on their cutting performance, longevity, durability, etc.

Makita SP6000J1 6-1/2” Plunge Circular Saw Kit


Cutting Depth at 45-degree on track


Tilt Range

-1 to 48 degrees

Saw Blade Diameter


Nominal Speed - No Load

2000-5200 RPM


110 V


12 A


28 lbs

The first product on our list comes with various useful features that will blow your mind away: Makita SP6000J1, 6-1/2”, Plunge Circular Saw Kit.

Among other features, the 12 AMP motor with an adjustable dial is one feature that attracts customers the most.

However, the main target of this powerful motor is to provide you with consistent and reliable performance over a wide range of materials. In addition, the speed control lets you choose an operating speed between 2,000 and 5,200 revolutions per minute (RPM).

In addition to its power and performance, the lightweight design of this track saw was a major factor in its success. In addition to the user-friendly design, the large-scale depth adjustment is effortless to establish.

Anyway, SP6000J1 is a more portable choice than others when it comes to portability. This saw’s mobility is due to the use of magnesium. Magnesium, lighter than steel by around 70-80%, can also withstand significant damage before crumbling.

Why Do We Like It?

(+) Large-Scale Cutting Power

At 90 degrees, this saw can cut 2-3/16 inches, while at 45 degrees, it can cut 1-9/16 inches. It indicates that it can cut more material with a given amount of power.

(+) Control of Torque

To prevent overheating, this Makita includes a built-in torque limitation. It extends the life of the engine, avoiding breakdowns and repairs.

(+) Automated Speed Regulator

Speed and precision are maintained even while cutting through harder materials, thanks to the automated speed regulator.

Keep In Mind

(-) Construct Quality Problems

Track warping is a common problem with this set, and some reviewers have said that the saw’s construction was sluggish.

DEWALT Circular TrackSaw


Tilt Range

50 degree

Saw Blade Diameter


Nominal Speed - No Load

4000 RPM






18.25 pounds

DEWALT DWS520K is ideal for contractors, woodworkers, and finish carpenters because it provides cutting quality and accuracy. An additional benefit of using a portable Track Saw kit is obtaining the capacity generally seen in a panel saw.

Not to mention that the 1,300-watt engine of this track saw is powerful enough to cut through hardwoods and other construction and woodworking materials.

An aluminum track with an anti-slip function and zero-clearance track provides you with clean and straight cuts, while the zero-clearance track indicates the exact cut place, so your cutting position is accurate, predictable, and quick.

You’ll discover two friction strips under the track that will hold the track in place without the need for additional clamps. For smooth movement, there’re low-friction gliding strips on top.

The straight plunge mechanism allows for straight and clean cuts, while the continuous anti-kickback function provides you more control by only allowing the saw to travel ahead on the track preventing kickback.

With this saw, you can rip, crosscut, and miter sheet products, as well as connect edges, cut several pieces of wood at once, and trim hinges on doors and cabinet openings.

Why Do We Like It?

(+) Reliable and Flexible

Bevel cuts, gang and plunge cuts, as well as many other types of cuts may be made with this saw. It’s a strong circular saw after you remove the rail from the machine

(+) The Worth

This saw is still a fraction of the cost of Festool’s top of the line model. You can also get a universal track system for little over $100, and you’ve got a good saw package for the money.

(+) Continuous Kickback Prevention

The anti-kickback function keeps the saw moving forward and decreases the kickback risk when activated.

Keep In Mind

(-) Construct Quality Problems

The lock and blade plunge switch is constructed of plastic and seem to be of poor quality.

Festool 575387 Plunge Cut Track Saw


Saw Blade Diameter

Not Specified

Nominal Speed - No Load

Not Specified






7.69 pounds

Festool TS’s Track Saw employs a plunge method to achieve a straight and consistent cut on wood. So the wood doesn’t get caught in the blade’s kerf and impede the cutting operation.

An additional mechanism decreases kickback while the track saw is being used. The machine has a slip clutch mechanism to keep the motor, blade, and gear case from deteriorating too rapidly.

Furthermore, it incorporates a “fast-fix” mechanism, which makes it safe and simple to replace the blades when necessary.

Straight and lengthy cuts on splinter-free wood are the most significant characteristic of this finest track saw. A lot of time and work may be saved by using this method to trim.

For its size and weight, it’s a little heavier and taller than comparable track saws. It’s also not cordless, which means you’ll need a power outlet to use this. Additionally, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the cable linked to it.

Why Do We Like It?

(+) Accuracy of the Guide Rail

With this track saw, there’s no need to mess about. Laser-straight cuts and splinter-free results are guaranteed every time you use it. This tool’s micro-adjustability allows you to obtain a super-precise cut with only two cursor lines.

(+) Cutting with Zero Tearout

You won’t have to worry about wasting any material while using this track saw. A splinter guard is a guide rail with an integrated guard to assure zero uneven cuts and reduced material waste.

(+) Revolver-Loaded Riving Knife

Using this function, the kerf stays open, and the material is kept from getting too close to the blade’s back end. As a result, you’ll have a safe and efficient encounter while still being in complete control of the situation.

Keep In Mind

(-) Bit Pricey

On the market, this is one of the priciest alternatives. Keep in mind that this alternative will cost you a little more money. Even though it’s a high-end option, there’re cheaper alternatives that perform almost as well.

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw


Tilt Range

45 degree

Saw Blade Diameter


Nominal Speed - No Load

5500 rpm


Not Specified


Not Specified


13.55 pounds

Now introducing you to the WEN CT1065 Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Track Saw, one of the most affordable and well-priced solutions available for cost and value.

There’s absolutely no correlation between the CT1065’s cheap pricing and the quality of its construction or its features at all.

It’s equipped with a strong 10A heavy-duty motor that can achieve amazing speeds of up to 5500 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Also included is a sharp and durable carbide-tipped 6 12” track saw blade that is capable of making clean cuts up to 2 13” deep, which is very useful when dealing with wood or sheet materials.

Why Do We Like It?

(+) The Cost

Price is a primary factor in its inclusion. As far as we’re concerned, you can’t go wrong with this for your money.

(+) High-Speed

It has a 10 amp motor that can generate a maximum no-load speed of 5,500 RPM.

Keep In Mind

(-) Make Quality

For the price, something needs to be sacrificed, and that typically entails lower quality components. This saw may not be as durable as the others on the list because of the large amount of plastic it contains.

BOSCH Tools Track Saw


Tilt Range

Not Specified

Saw Blade Diameter


Nominal Speed - No Load

3600 to 6250 rpm


120 V


13 A


10.2 Pounds

When it comes to high-quality instruments like these, Bosch is a household name. Using the Bosch GKT13-225L, it is clear why we believe this.

To guarantee that your cuts are as straight and exact as possible, every element of the tool has been meticulously designed.

It’s a 13-amp corded track saw that can run at 3600 to 6250 RPM speeds with changeable speeds. The 6-1/2-inch blade rotates at such a high rate to enable you to make the greatest quality cuts even on the toughest of timbers.

When utilizing a suitable track or guide rail, you can perform bevel cuts ranging from -1 to 47 degrees with a single bevel point.

Consistent electronic control guarantees that the blade spins at a constant pace, no matter how hard or demanding the material is, so that you can obtain the results you need.

Additionally, the motor is protected from overheating by an overload prevention function.

You may swap out the blades in just three simple steps, and the dust can be collected using a shop vacuum.

Why Do We Like It?

(+) Safety Assurances

A plunge mechanism was used in the design of this track saw by Bosch. This enables precise plunge cuts with a precise measurement of the depth of the cut fuel. Overload protection also protects the engine from overheating using this tool.

(+) Several Different Add-ons

The GKT13-225L package includes an L-Boxx housing, a blade-change wrench, and a track saw blade with 48 teeth 6-1/2 inches in length.

Additional attachments include four different track lengths, a connector to interconnect several tracks, and an angle guide to help you get the precise angle you need for your project.

Keep In Mind

(-) Not Affordable

Despite its numerous advantages, this track is expensive and may not be suitable for everyone.

Evolution Multi-Material Circular Track Saw


Cutting Depth at 0-degree on track


Cutting Depth at 45-degree on track


Tilt Range

45 degree

Saw Blade Diameter


Nominal Speed - No Load

Not Specified


110v 50 Hz


Not Specified


18.1 pounds

In terms of versatility, the Evolution R185CCSX Multi-Material Circular Track Saw Kit is one of the greatest all-around track saws available on the market today.

When it comes to power tools, Evolution is a relatively reliable brand, so there’s no question that the R185CCSX has an amazing build quality, as well as a slew of useful features that put it in the running for best in class.

With a strong 15A engine, the R185CCSX is a highly dependable and simple-to-use track saw that can cut through a wide range of materials, including wood, composite decking, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and more.

Furthermore, it can also be used to cut through wood with nails, allowing its huge and sharp 7 14” blade, which has 40 teeth and can cut 2 12” deep into the material with accuracy, and its ability to cut 2 12” deep into the workpiece with precision.

Why Do We Like It?

(+) Excellent Performance

You may use the instrument for extended periods since it performs well. As long as you have a bevel angle range of 0 to 45 degrees, this is a decent bevel angle range. It includes a precise base indication that enhances your cutting line visibility.

(+) Amazing Build Quality

You’ll be able to use it comfortably because of its small size and lightweight design. It’s built to last for a long time, and there’re no problems with it. With a 15-amp motor, it’s able to cut through a broad range of materials without having to change the blades.

Comfortable grip and ergonomic design keep the miter saw in your hands at all times.

Keep In Mind

(-) Short Track

Some customers repeatedly complain about this cutting saw’s track length as they sometimes need extensions for the track.

Kreg ACS2000 Adaptive Cutting System Saw


Cutting Depth at 45-degree on track


Tilt Range

1 to 47 Degree

Nominal Speed - No Load

Not Specified


Not Specified


12 A


1 Pounds

Track saws are ideal worksite equipment since they are lightweight and easy to transport. Adding a Kreg Circular Saw Track to your toolbox, on the other hand, may help keep your burden minimal.

The universal sled of this saw track allows it to be used with circular saws with blades on the right or left, allowing it to be used with any saw and practically any sized blade.

This saw blade is guided by the sled, which maintains a tight fit against the track to avoid splintering and maximize accuracy while the sled is on track. In addition to the starting block, the Kreg track’s main feature is starting and stopping the saw action and removing the blade guard.

Why Do We Like It?

(+) Less Messier

The Kreg cutting saw comes with a dust collection bag which helps to store all the cutting chips. Eventually, it makes the cutting process a lot cleaner.

(+) Precise Cutting

This package contains the Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw as well as the 62” Guide Track, which together gives everything you need to create straight, accurate, smooth, and splinter-free cuts in plywood, other sheet products, and solid-wood boards.

Keep In Mind

(-) Little Expensive

The product’s price range might not suit everyone as it’s a bit pricey track saw. So if you want a less expensive saw, it’s better to go for other ones.

What To Consider When Buying a Track Saw

Some of the factors are given below that you should consider while buying a track saw.

Capacity for Bevels

Track saws with bevel-adjustable bevels are significantly more adaptable and versatile. The majority of a track saw’s work is to make straight, 90-degree cuts. On the other hand, a bevel-cutting feature may save the user a step in the manufacturing process.

Cutting 45-degree bevels on boards or sheet products enhances the surface area for better adhesive contact while making bookshelves or furniture. It also eliminates the requirement for edge-banding, which is often used to hide the unsightly edges of the plywood.

Size of the Blade

For obvious reasons, the track saw’s most important component is the blade, determined by its size. Cutting through materials up to 2” thick is possible with most track saws. It’s possible to cut through thicker materials with bigger blades on track saws


The performance of the blade is only as excellent as the speed at which it’s turned. You can adjust the speed of most track saws in order to avoid overcutting or dulling the blade. A track saw with speeds between 2000 and 5000 RPM is ideal to get the most out of it.

Corded vs Cordless

Whether corded or cordless tools are superior has been a point of contention for decades. When it’s about track saws, the story doesn’t end there.

On the one hand, a corded saw will often feel more powerful than a cordless saw, and you won’t have to worry about replacing batteries. This is especially useful when you’re in the midst of an intricate cut.

Making a cut while changing the battery will always result in unattractive saw marks on the cut edge, no matter how careful you are. When ripping long boards to width, a cordless saw is preferable since it doesn’t have a power cable that may get tangled at the end of the board while you’re ripping it to width.

As a consequence, you may have to pause and adjust the cord, which may result in the same unattractive markings as before.

Motor Efficacy

There should be adequate power in corded track saws to get the job done, like circular ones. They’re hard to measure in a manner that the consumer can comprehend, yet it’s possible to do so.

Most track saws are based on circular saws with sidewinder-style blades, and manufacturers love to brag about their amperage ratings on their boxes.

However, amperage really refers to the amount of current the motor may draw before it fails to operate. It’s not a representation of power.

Cordless saws are easy to measure in terms of power since the battery’s voltage rating may be used as a gauge. Generally speaking, a 20V battery-powered saw is more powerful than an 18V battery-powered saw. Although there’re certain exceptions, this is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Length of Cord

The length of a circular saw’s power cable may significantly influence its usefulness, particularly when it comes to a track saw. To avoid using an extension cable, roofers and construction carpenters typically remove the normal Circular saw chord and replace it with a 25-foot cord.

You can work with longer tracks and materials using a track saw since the cable lengthens your reach. When using an extension cable, it’s important to keep an eye on it, since it might become stuck.

Using a track saw that has a 6-foot cable, but you’re cutting an 8-foot piece of plywood, you may be dragging the extension cord along with you as you cut. When the rope reaches the end of the track, it may get tangled up.

There’re ways to prevent this, but if you’re going to use a sawhorse or bench to work on, you’ll want to make sure the cable doesn’t become tangled.

Track Saw Vs. Circular Saw: Which One is Best For You?

How To Safely Use A Track Saw?

There’s no doubt that using a track saw is quite a difficult task. But here’re some tips that you can follow to achieve a safe cutting process.

Take Care of Your Hearing and Vision

Dust is the first problem with powered saws; some, like track saws, have built-in dust collecting systems, while others don’t.

Wearing a mask to prevent inhalation of dust may be worthwhile if your project generates a lot of it. To keep it out of your eyes, consider donning a pair of safety glasses.

Over time, there’s a chance of permanent harm to your hearing. This is particularly true when dealing with more durable materials such as metals. Your hearing will be better protected if you use earplugs.

Keep Your Saw in a Safe Place

If you don’t already know, you must keep your saw in a safe location, away from any potential dangers.

Look for Loose Clothes, Jewelry, and Other Personal Effects.

Don’t wear anything that might get caught in the saw blade, such as ties or jewelry. You may also wear your hair in a ponytail if it’s long enough to do so.


How Deep Can A Track Saw Cut?

Track saws have a maximum cutting depth of roughly two inches, which means they’re unsuitable for cutting heavier materials like wood. As a result, they’re more suitable for cutting sheet material.

Is It Possible To Use A Track Saw Without A Track?

You can use a track saw without a track if you don’t have one. When used in this manner, the saw will perform in the same manner as a circular saw.

Some track saws even have a separate depth adjustment for when the track isn’t being used. It considers the height of the track and adapts appropriately, ensuring that you don’t unintentionally cut through your workbench while using it.

How Does A Track Saw Stay In Place?

The nonslip strips on the bottom of the track help keep track saws in place when in use. The adhesive composition doesn’t leave a mark or residue on the surface you cut when using the track saw.

It’s possible to use specific clamps to keep the track in place without interfering with the cut if you’re concerned about the track sliding, particularly on slippery surfaces such as prefinished plywood or melamine.


There’s little power equipment for woodworking as versatile as a track saw. They’re not only useful for making longer and more exact cuts in wood, but they can also be carried about with you.

This means that you can use your track saw everywhere you go, even if there’s no appropriate outlet nearby. They’re also a breeze to carry since they’re so light.

You don’t have to spend as much time fine-tuning the cut with these saws since they cut cleanly and without splinters.

From the Best Track Saw list, you’ll find a wide range of track saws. However, you may struggle to choose the “best” option because of many options.

Your choice of the top track saws and track saws with reviews will rely only on your own specific woodworking demands and your financial constraints.

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