7 Essential Power Tools for Home Renovations

So, after coming from the vacation, you’ve just noticed your home isn’t the ‘home sweet home’ anymore. You haven’t noticed this earlier, but since you took a break from your house, you’ve seen it now once you’ve returned.  It looks like a haunted house and you can’t help but make some renovation.

Well, first thing’s first. You need to make the lists of the things you’ll need to get your hands on. Yes, tools. You need to go ‘Mr. All Mechanic’ now and that calls for the right power tools. Well, don’t break your bank by buying the tools you don’t need. I’ll just give you the list of 10 essential power tools for home renovations. And yes, these should be enough for your DIY project.

Why wait then? Let’s get to know them.

List of Necessary Power Tools You Must Use at Home

Below are the 10 essential power tools you’ll need to make sure you can renovate your house like a professional. Read about the tools and their uses.

Drill: The most Essential tools

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Even you probably guessed that you’ll need a drill if you want to turn the face of your house into something different. All those holes you need to make for the renovation; you can’t do it seamlessly without a good-quality drill.

Besides, you’ll need to hang wall fixtures, assemble furniture or maybe fix your doorknobs. That’s when you’ll need a drill no matter what.

The real question is, will you go for a corded drill or a cordless one? Well, it depends on the project you’re in (whether it’s a DIY or just a professional one.)

Jigsaw: The ultimate choice for DIY

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you read ‘Jigsaw’? Well, you may not like the protagonist from the movie Saw but you can’t help but use a jigsaw if you want to renovate your home. Yep, that’s probably the 2nd most important thing you’ll need to take into account.

This beast right here can help you up with rounded cuts, at least when you’ll want to make them on wood sheets. When you’ll have a tough call while making patterns or cutting curves with a circular saw, that’s when the jigsaw comes to play.

Curves? Yep. Let’s say you want to make create something artistic. Whether it’s a craft use or a home DIY project, a jigsaw can turn the tables.  Thanks to their thin blades, you’ll be able to fit them in tight spaces. This will allow you to make curves with easy maneuverability.

Oscillating Multi-Tool: The boss for Home Renovations

You’ll renovate your home and you don’t think you’ll need an oscillating multi-tool? That’s not going to work. Let it be any DIY project, this champ should go inside your toolbox. It’s a ‘go-to’ device when there’s a versatile amount of work during reconstructing things.

Since it has got multi-tool blades (which oscillate), you’ll find it your best friend when it comes to trimming screws and pipes.  Slicing through copper, plastic or let’s say a galvanized metal piping (you’ve read it right), it’s just a piece of cake for this son of a gun.

If you find it hard to make plunge cuts with a jigsaw, an oscillating multi-tool can be your best bet.  All you need is to have the right blade.  Besides, you’ll need to trim floorboards and wood as well. If you want to chop out all those excess materials from your wood frame, this tool can be the perfect catalyst.

Reciprocating Saw: The power full one

This one’s also known as Sawzall. Better known for remodeling projects and large demo projects. The reason people use this saw is that it can cut through a versatile number of surfaces pretty fast. However, it works better on vertical surfaces.

‘Reciprocating’; as the name says it, the blade moves back and forth unlike other saws out there. You can compare the movement with an old-fashioned hand-powered hacksaw. The shape is more like a power drill. It’s just the blade that sticks out of its front which you won’t see in the case of drill bits.

For the design, you won’t have much of a good experience with angular cuts and precision. However, if you’re dealing with simple cuts or large materials, this one can fill your cup.

While you can cut wood or metallic surfaces with other saws, a reciprocating saw can make both curved and straight cuts very fast. Plus, if your ‘home’ has got a garden and you need to prune your trees, this saw can crack the nuts for you.

Screw Gun: The finisher of Home Renovations

Lastly, you’ll need this for sure. Yep, a screw gun. I mean let’s face it, you’ll need dozens or maybe hundreds of screws to fix your things.  That’s when you need a screw gun. 

Even though it looks more like a drill, in fact, the handles look pretty much the same, but this tool has got less torque compared to a drill. For which, the tool is less versatile.

What it mostly good at is when you’ll need to drive the screws, thanks to the screw reel. What makes it stand out compared to a drill? Well, you won’t have to load new screws manually every few seconds.

With it, you’ll also be able to set how deep your screw will sink. As a result, there’s less chance of the screw head penetrating the drywall. This means, there’s no damage as well.

Wrapping Up!

 That was everything on the 5 essential power tools for home renovations. I’m not saying that you’ll need all the 5 tools here, but these are the basic ones you’ll need to take into your account. If you have these tools, it’s well and good. But, if you don’t have them, I’m not seeing any point why aren’t you getting these.

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